To K-Pop and Beyond

To KPop And Beyond

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// So you know how there are a ton of SnK/AoT Audioplay AUs going around? I’ve helped with a few and I want to start one in the Kuro / Black Butler fandom.

If I do start one I’m currently looking for a few moderators to plan with, and then auditions for voice acting, script writing, drawing, etc. would open.

So, would anybody be interested in voice acting and helping with a Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji AU web show / audio play?

Kay guys this is legit and awesome and if u watch the anime of black butler and want to become simply one hell of a butler urself, u should contact these guys. Itll be a LOT of fun, open to everyone!

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listen-to-your-eonnie asked: OOH SHIPPING~! are u still doing shipping? can u try to ship me too? i just found ur blog (its amazing omg the imagines make me giggle- i love them~)xD well, im 5'6, brown hair, brown eyes, a little curvy, live in the us so i speak english but i also fluently speak korean (since i have relatives:P).I love to sketch, take scenic pictures, watch scary movies, im a bit of a dork and a cuddler~ but im lazy when it comes to clothes because i usually wear oversized sweatshirts and jeans~ luv u guys~!


Oversized sweatshirts and jeans are just the best! 

I’d ship you with Thunder.. you can always communicate in English so the  boys won’t understand what you’re talking about and you’d enjoy his cuddles while watching scary movies ~♥

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